6'6" Mind Vessel SOLD

We just finished up this 6'6" redwood disk for our good friend Ty.  The board is made from reclaimed redwood with maple and walnut stringers.  The redwood was salvaged from an old water tower which give the board its black stains.  Absolutely stunning grain and color make this board a real treat to look at up close.  The center walnut stringer features a beautiful dark grain which can be seen running vertically from nose to tail.  As an added touch we added an abalone "Ty-angle" near the nose of the board.  The rails are near 50/50 going hard into a very thin tail.  The glassed on single fin is made from walnut, redwood, and maple and was glued up to allow the fin to flex.  He has already taken it for a spin and loves it.  A really fun shape, unbelievable wood, and a good home. Thanks Ty!