Year One surfboards are constructed using a hollowed-out interior frame core to which hand made decks are glued.  The rails are made of laminated cork, which is both flexible and ding resistant. The boards are sealed inside and out with epoxy resin and glassed with 4oz. fiberglass  cloth.  This method creates an extremely strong surfboard without compromising performance.  The hollow construction results in a board which is more buoyant than a traditional foam board of equal size, which translates to greater down the line speed.   The feeling of riding a wooden surfboard is incredibly unique.  Year One Surfboards are beautiful both in and out of the water.

We specialize in custom surfboards, tailoring the board design to maximize the riders enjoyment.  Each of our boards is completely unique, pairing beautiful lumber with personalized designs.  Fine inlay work and attention to detail make the boards stand out as functional works of art.  Contact us to place an order.